I have had a headache since Saturday morning, but this week, I promise, will be better. Last week was stressful and exciting and disappointing. It was a rollercoaster. I slept and ate poorly. I need to be kinder to myself.

I did my job interview for the job I really want last Monday. I was disappointed in myself after, but I got invited to an in-person interview in Massachusetts! I spilled coffee on myself on the bus Thursday morning when I read the email. The plane tickets are purchased and now I await my schedule. It sounds so exhausting… to be flown to the opposite side of the continent and meet with community members and stakeholders for a maybe job. But this is my chance! I think I might organize a mini presentation despite not being told to. If people are asking me questions, I need to be prepared?

I also did my photoshoot. Modeling is hard work. I wanted to fulfill a silly dream of mine, and I wanted to prove that short Asian girls that don’t look like models can dress up and partake if they want! The photographers are lovely people. I dread the final product, not because of my lack of trust in their skills, but because of me. We will see.



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