Last week I purchased a Fitbit. I wanted to motivate myself to move more, especially after surgery. Competing with my friends and family is really fun. My sister got herself a Fitbit after I wouldn’t stop talking about steps and sleep quality tracking for a week. My older sister also has a Fitbit and the three of us are challenging one another to see who gets the most steps in a day, week, and so on. Sister/sibling rivalry is brutal. I resorted to mind games, waiting until 11:50 pm to sync and log my total steps for the day. I texted my sister and grumbled about losing badly after I went for a long long walk.

I also joined a Librarians on the Move group. I am #36 for July steps. My competitiveness is a distraction.

I am moving back to the city this weekend and will really really miss going for my walks in my parents’ neighbourhood in the evening. I will miss the beautiful scenery and the quiet. Exercise is doing wonders for my anxiety. I am tired in the evening and only moderately jittery.


2 thoughts on “Fitbitch

  1. I had my first encounter with a Fitbit yesterday. Now I’m pondering on getting one and I’m not sure if it’s helpful or a nuisance, causing a lot of …. stress? It makes you very competative, doesn’t it?
    Warm greetings from sunny ☀️ Norway 🇳🇴


    1. Hello, Dina! It can be stressful at first, but I think it will be less so once the novelty wears off. I love tracking my stats and competing with myself and others, so having a Fitbit is fun.


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